Updates from Room 201

This class continues to impress me everyday.  They are SOARing through the hallways by being quiet and in a straight line.  When we have 100 kids trying to get to somewhere and another 100 passing by to try and get somewhere else, it can be tricky, but our class does it!  They also have been SOARing in the classroom.  These students impress me with their hard work, their effort, and their kindness towards each other.


We had our first Unit 1 math test today.  I wish you could have been a fly on the wall to watch their determination.  It was absolutely quiet in the room and each one was counting on their fingers or drawing pictures to solve the problems.  Their minds were at work!

We will have our 2nd math facts quiz tomorrow.  Some students are on 5s and some on 2s.  Please remember to have them practice every night for 5-10 minutes.

Reading and Writing

We have finished both of our first reading and writing units.  Next week we are going to take a break and do some writing responses.  We will read a passage and then write a complete response to a question.  We call this a RACE Response.

R = restate the question

A = answer the question

C – cite 2 pieces of evidence from the text

E = explain and end

Social Studies

We will begin our first social studies unit on Michigan Geography.  During our current social studies block we have been working on having a growth mindset and reading informational texts through a Scholastic Newsletter.

Halloween Party

A sign-up sheet with be coming to you soon for the Halloween party.  Only parents that are volunteering may attend the celebration due to parking and safety.  All parents that volunteer must complete a background check prior to attending the festivities.  If you are unable to volunteer, you can also donate items.

Break time

We take several breaks throughout the day.  Two other breaks we take, other than recess, is a morning snack break and yoga relaxation in the afternoon.  We are trying to get outside as much as possible in the morning.  Below is a quick video clip of students working off their energy.  There are two games of  tag going on.  One game is Lava Tag and the other is regular tag.  I love watching them laugh, play together, and be active.

Holiday Coloring Contest

Yesterday a Hudsonville Holiday Coloring Contest page was sent home.  Students can decorate however they want.  Someone from City Hall will be here on Tuesday, October 29 to pick them up.  All submitted artwork will be visible throughout town, and the winners from each grade will be displayed at City Hall, receive a special prize bag, and get to ride on the Holiday Trolley in the Parade!

Conferences are in late November this year.  If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to contact me!


Culver’s Night

On Monday, Culver’s is allowing the Georgetown staff to come in and take over the restaurant!  Yes, the staff will be there to serve you your food. A % of the earnings from 5-8pm go to our PTC fund which provides money for class field trips, learning software, library books, classroom books, parent/child events, and much more.

If you can, please eat at Culver’s on Monday.  We even do the DRIVE THRU delivery if you don’t want to come inside to eat!

My shift is from 7:00-7:30.  If this is too late for dinner, come in for a Sundae or Concrete Mixer!

Breast Cancer Walk

I am walking in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk on October 19.  Currently I am fundraising and putting together a team for donations and walking together.
I would like to invite YOU to be involved.  There are two simple ways you and your child can be a part of this experience.
  1. Make a donation.  (You can send it to school or Venmo)
  2. Come walk with me!  Join myself and others on a walk around downtown Grand Rapids! (Please let me know if you are walking, so I can look for you and tell you our meeting spot!)
Thank you for your support and helping to fund research to cure this devastating disease!

Multiplication Quiz

Beginning Friday, we will take our first multiplication quiz on 5s.  Your child will bring home their flashcards tonight in a ziplock bag.  Each week your child will come home with a new set.  Please keep this bag in a safe place for studying.

Our curriculum teaches them in this order:  5s, 2s, 10s, 9s, 3s, 4s, 6s, 7s, 8s.

As your child passes each quiz, they will move to the next multiplication fact.  For example, if they pass the 5s quiz on Friday, next Friday they will take the 2s quiz.  If they don’t pass the 5s, they will take it again the following week.

Another great tool is an app called, Flash to Pass.  It’s free and can be downloaded on most devices.  On this app, students can practice one specific grouping of facts.  This is different from Moby Max because they are all mixed together.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Football Frenzy

A couple of weeks ago Joe Figurski came to our school and took some footage of the Hudsonville football players volunteering in our classrooms.  It was aired last week Friday before the Homecoming game.  It was well put together, showcasing high school teachers and elementary teachers making an impact on their lives.


Players pay tribute to classroom coaches of Hudsonville

Halloween Party

The 3rd grade Halloween parties will be on Thursday, October 31 from 1:15-2:00.  That morning,  send your child’s costume in a bag with their name written on it.  We will keep it in a safe place until students get dressed prior to the party.  Please no bloody outfits or weapons.

Mrs. Deters, Ms. VanArkel, and I are looking for a parent, or two, who would be willing to organize our party for this year.  You will have the chance to make these little 3rd grade faces smile with the activities and games you help plan!  Each class can have 6-8 volunteers at the party.  Because of parking and other safety issues, we can only have parents that are volunteering in our classroom here for the parties.

One of our district security officers will assist with checking volunteers into school on the day of the party.   The teachers will provide a list of parent names for those volunteering for the party.  Please make sure you have your background check completed so that we can make sure that all volunteers are on the approved list with a cleared background check. 

Reading Logs

Two reading logs are coming home tonight.  One says “Home Reading Log” and the other is the BOOK IT! log.  The google form I sent out earlier in the month was split about 50/50 on doing the BOOK IT! program or not.  You DO NOT have to do the BOOK IT! reading log.  This is just a bonus.  The Home Reading Log needs to be returned to school at the end of each month.  Please send the September log back to school this week.

If you don’t know what the BOOK IT! program is about, see below!

Your child will be bringing home a Pizza Hut Book It calendar with a reading goal on it beginning October 1.  Each time your child reads they may mark it on their calendar.  At the end of the month please have them return their calendar to school and they will bring home a coupon attached to it for a FREE personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut.  This program runs from October thru March.  HAPPY READING!!!

Eagles Spirit Day

For the most part the rain held off for us yesterday morning.  We were able to have the high school spirit team visit us along with the eagle mascot!  We had a few sprinkles at the end but it soon stopped so we could go outside for our walk-a-thon.  Thank you for raising and donating money to help support our school.

Below are some pictures of our day along with a cheer from our rocket cheerleaders!

Rocket Cheerleaders



Wacky Hair Day

We had some wacky hair in our room yesterday, but the smiles were all the same!