Growth Mindset

We have been working on having a growth mindset, which simply means that we will continue trying even if we are making mistakes, even if we don’t get it, even when things are difficult.  A growth mindset reminds us that we don’t understand it…YET!

We did an activity of catching pennies from our elbows to show that somethings may be hard but with practice, they get easier.

Click here to see a video

20L Walk for Water

We didn’t let the drizzle stop us!  It really was a great day for a walk!  Many people came out to support this cause and carry the cans of water.  Our class raised $300 for this event and the volunteers were thrilled with all of the student’s efforts.  Below is a class picture with our Fight Dirty t-shirts and some pictures from the day!  Nathan and his mom shared the heavy load of carrying the can back from the pond!


Tomorrow is the Walk-a-thon rain or shine!  We have a back up plan if it rains and we will walk in the school.

If the rain holds off, we will have it outside and all are welcome to join.  Your child (and you) are welcome to dress in 80s attire!  It should be a fun time!!

Please send any donations in an envelope marked Walk-a-thon so I make sure it goes to the right place.  This is our one school fundraiser of the year.  Every little bit helps!

Math Facts

We are up and running on Moby Max!  We would love to have your help!  Please make sure your child is on Moby Max practicing their math facts every night for FIVE MINUTES!  That’s all it takes.  Some of us are already on to multiplication and division facts.  Some of us are finishing the addition and subtraction review.  Next week, all students will be moving on to multiplication and division.

I’ve had some parents contact me fearing that their child isn’t understanding multiplication and division.  I assure you, they will get it.  Things will begin to click in time, if they haven’t already.  Right now, all they need is a strategy:  drawing a picture, using their fingers, counting on, etc.  With practice, they will get them faster and more accurate.

Thank you for your support!

Updates in Room 201

SS Quiz

As a class we decided we needed one more day of learning the landforms and bodies of water.  So the quiz has been moved to FRIDAY!  Please remind your child to study 5-10 minutes tonight and tomorrow night.  (Some of them told me they were too busy and couldn’t study!)  A review paper came home last night.  Students will need to name landforms and bodies of water in Michigan.  They will also need to give an example.

Sand dunes are a landform – Sleeping Bear Dunes is an example.

A river is a body of water – The Grand River is an example.

Picture Day

Tomorrow is picture day!  Our pictures are right after lunch.

80s Walk-a-thon

The school walk-a-thon is on October 5.  Our class is walking from 9:45 – 10:15.  Please come join us in your best 80s attire.  This is our one school fund raiser for the year.  The money goes towards technology, teacher supplies, and special events in the school.  Please visit our Georgetown blog and see how the Walk-a-thon benefits us!

20 Liters

A 20 Liters Walk for Water event is being held on Sunday, October 7.  If you would like to experience as a family what it’s like for children in Africa to get drinking water, unclean drinking water, bring your family to Gemmen’s Hardware parking lot at 3:00pm.  You will be able to do a simulated activity and then pour your water into the filters that 20 Liters supplies.  We will count our money tomorrow and give you a grand total collected so far!  I applaud the students for the extra effort they have given to raise money.


Before we start math each day, we do four yoga poses.  During this time, we focus on our breath.  We are learning that breathing deeply calms us and that we can do it any time we are feeling stress.

Updates from Room 201


We will have our first Social Studies quiz tomorrow.  Your child is coming home with a 1/2 page review sheet tonight.


Our first homework pages came home this week.  Many students got a jump start and completed the work right away.  This homework will be due by Monday, Sept. 24.  On the 2nd page, the directions say to write a multiplication AND division equation for each problem.  Will you please make sure your child does that?  If they struggle, have them make a math mountain and that should be a good enough hint.  If not, send it back in with a note to me and I will go over it with them.


Our picture day is Thursday, September 27.  Our class is scheduled to go at 1:20.

FRIDAY – PJ and Stuffed Animal Day

We earned our first class reward!  This Friday, students can wear their favorite PJ’s to school and bring in ONE stuffed animal.  We will decide our next class reward and start reaching for that goal! 

20L Walk for Water

We have an opportunity to partner with an organization called 20 Liters and help make dirty drinking water clean for the most vulnerable in sub-Saharan African.  Today two local students came to our classroom to talk about their first hand experience of dirty water in Africa. Click here to see the video.

Our classroom has been challenged to raise money for a Walk for Water event that is coming up on October 7.  

Students are being encouraged to not ask parents for money, rather to think of ways that they can give of their time and effort to make some money.  Could they return pop cans?  Could they have a bake sale or lemonade stand?

The community is also invited to be a part of this event.  Walk for Water:  Hudsonville will be on October 7 from 3:00 – 7:00pm at Gemmen’s Home and Hardware.  There will be food and an opportunity to see how the worst of drinking water can be made for good through a filtration system that will be put in African communities.


Class Dojo

Hi Parents – our class behavior system involves an online community called Class Dojo.  Here students can be awarded points individually or as a class.  Points can also be taken away for poor behavior choices. We’ve set a class goal of 550 points.  When we reach this goal, the class decided that they wanted to have a PJ/Stuffed Animal Day.

In your child’s folder, a note will come home communicating how you can view your child’s points. By no means is this something you have to do. Some parents requested to have access.  I have never done this part before, but it could be beneficial for communication between you and your child.  If you would like to do this, enter the code that is specific to your child.  If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.