Back Together

We are all back together again, minus Easton!!!  He is home recovering from getting his tonsils out.  When he comes back we will take another picture when we are ALL together!!

It felt good to be back in the classroom and back from snow days.  Mrs. Davis did an excellent job in my absence to keep the routines running smoothly.  This is a short week, so we will review and get back on track.  Next week we will have a homework packet and be back to a normal schedule (weather permitting) 🙂

Valentine’s Day

Dear Parents,

Valentine’s Day is approaching and party plans are being made. This year we will share Valentine’s with each other and make a craft in class to hold these Valentines.  There is no work to do at home, except filling out the Valentine cards.  Click on this link for our class list 

We want to make this day as fun as possible yet still keeping our day consistent.  The 3rd grade team has chosen some whole group Valentine-themed activities to build classroom community.  At this time parent volunteers will not be needed.  Instead, be ready for your child to come home and share all of their Valentine’s and notes with you!

Thank you for all that you do to support our class!


It’s cold out there!  Bundle up and be safe if you have to go out, but what a great day to stay inside.  Play some games, drink hot cocoa and maybe even do a little bit of learning!  Don’t forget Mrs. Reagan’s Learning Challenge for this week (see the last blog post if you need the details).

On Wednesday’s, we’ve been doing a quick math puzzle brain break.  For a little snow day fun, I’m posting today’s puzzle below.  Once your child has the answer, have them (or you) email me (  I’ll bring a special treat for all of the correct answers when we return to school!  Enjoy another day off!

Snow Day Again!

snowdayAnother day off!!!  I’m sure kids are excited for this week of snowy/cold weather.  We will plan to continue all of our learning activities when we are back in the classroom, but for today, please encourage your students to do at least 30 minutes of learning (see options below).  Our Quizizz link expired so I have reset it so that you can practice for our Social Studies quiz to be held when we return to school.   To practice on quizizz go to:

The new code is 279392

Thanks to our AMAZING PTC (made possible by your Walk-a-thon donations), $10 Barnes and Nobles gift cards (one per grade) will be given to randomly drawn students who participate in snow day learning activities listed below.  As and EXTRA SPECIAL INCENTIVE:

Mrs. Reagan will throw a pizza party for the classroom that has the MOST PARTICIPANTS in SNOW DAY LEARNING!  She will look at who has participated over ALL the snow day (last Friday, today….and maybe other days this week) and the class with the most students who participate will get a PRINCIPAL PIZZA PARTY!

Options for learning:

  1. Read a book or two or three.  ONLINE Learning record for reading minutes.
  2. Learning on MOBYMAX or RAZ-KIDS through
  • Log into
  • Select log into other google account.
  • Type in district username followed by
  • Type in password – if your child doesn’t remember the password, choose TIME TO READ instead!
  • Select Elementary Apps
  • Find MOBYMAX OR RAZ KIDS….get started!

Students have until 5 pm tonight to participate.

Let’s Go Fabulous 3rd graders of 201!

Bundle Up!

Happy Snow Day!  I’m sure the students are enjoying this extra day off.  Although it’s a bit chilly, at least we have snow and maybe they can enjoy a little outdoor winter fun!  This week looks to continue even colder temperatures.  Again, please make sure your child has their warmest winter gear with them at school.   In dangerous temps, we won’t go out.  However, sometimes the morning is too cold and later in the day, we can safely have recess, so they need those warm clothes!

This week we will continue our Realistic Fiction stories.  We will also have our social studies quiz scheduled for today on Monday, and then continue our studies on the fur trade.  In math, we will continue studying regrouping.  Our Book Club Series will get wrapped up and we will start our second book this week also.  Enjoy a few pictures below of us working hard as well as a little indoor recess fun!

Just a reminder that this coming Friday, February 1, will be a half day (school dismisses at 12:15).  The following Monday and Tuesday, February 4 & 5 there will be no school due to midwinter break.

Winter is Back!

Snow has returned!   This week in class we will continue working on our current units of study.

Reading- We started our book clubs and will continue meeting and discussing our stories this week.  Students are enjoying the chance to discuss their reading in small groups.

Writing- We have now started drafting our realistic fiction stories.  We are working on character development and how to make our characters come to life.  Next week we will focus on developing the heart of our stories and editing and revising.

Social Studies- This unit continues to focus on the Native Americans in Michigan.  We learned about the fur trade and how important that was in Michigan History.  I think the students are wishing for beaver pelt hats for this snow!

Math- Our unit focuses on rounding, estimating and regrouping.  Ask your child to show you a “proof drawing” of an addition problem.


The forecast for the next few weeks is snow and cold!  I know the students are excited to get some “real” winter time outdoors.  Please remember to send snow gear everyday- coats, boots, hats, mittens/gloves, scarves, etc.  We have recess every day unless the temperature is dangerously cold.  Stay warm and enjoy this snowy weekend!


Read and Feed Reward

We are getting back into the swing of things after returning to school this week!  We started a new unit on Place Value in math, our Realistic Fiction writing unit, and continued our social studies learning about the Native Americans. On Monday, we will be starting our Books in a Series book clubs.  We will be continuing these units the next few weeks.  As a reminder, tomorrow, January 11, will be a half day and school will be dismissed at 12:15.  Sack lunch is available if students would like to order one in the morning.

Today, we celebrated our class reward with a “Read and Feed”.  Students enjoyed making their own snack mix with the large variety of items that were brought to school.  Thank you for your donations!  This certainly was the highlight of the day.

As a reminder, tomorrow, January 11, will be a half day and school will be dismissed at 12:15.  Sack lunch is available if students would like to order one in the morning.

Welcome Back

I hope you all had a restful and joy filled holiday break!  Unfortunately there wasn’t snow for the kids to play outside, but I am sure the free time was enjoyed no matter what!

On Thursday of this week, we will have a Read and Feed event during our reading time.  The students chose this as their class reward.  Our plan is to read and snack on a gorp like mixture of food.  As you go out grocery shopping for the week, we would appreciate a bag or box of a nut safe food item.  Some examples are listed below.  This treat is best with a mix of sweet and salty snacks.

  • Teddy Grahams: Cinnamon, Honey, & Chocolate
  • Ritz Dinosaur Crackers
  • Wheat Thins (regular)
  • Honey Maid Graham Sticks: Cinnamon and Honey Flavored
  • Most regular pretzels (read label)
  • Most regular potato chips (read label)
  • Most corn chips (read label)
  • Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks and Fruit Rollups
  • Kellogg’s Fruit Streamers and Fruit Twistables
  • Dried fruits
  • Candy – as long as it’s nut safe


Thank you for these donations!  This will be a fun time for all of us.

Reminder that Friday is an early release day.  Our team will be looking at reading and math data.  We will use this to drive our instruction for the rest of the year.

Polar Express Party

All Aboard!!!  We had a great time at the Polar Express Party today!!  Many, many thanks go out to all of you parents who donated items, helped at the stations, and were a part of this special time.  We could not do this party without you!  See the pictures below.  Unfortunately they are grainy. . .I should have used my phone instead of the Ipad.  That’s kind of a bummer, but you can still see some great moments!

Holiday Program – December 13

Fair Haven Ministries is located down the road from Georgetown Elementary at the corner of Baldwin Street and 28th Ave.

Why is it held at a church?  Our elementary schools have grown so big that we need a big space to perform!  We are too big for the High School or Freshman Auditoriums.  Fair Haven seats about 1500 and graciously allows Hudsonville schools to rent their auditorium for our performances.

What time do students need to be there?
Students need to report to their assigned classroom 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE PROGRAM.

  • 6:30 – 7:00   K-2nd     (Students report at 6:15)
  • 7:45 – 8:15   3rd-5th   (Students report at 7:30)

It is very important not to be late so teachers have enough time to line students up in their riser orders, pass out props and make sure everyone who has a special part is accounted for. Please do not send your child to the classroom unsupervised or prior to their scheduled time.  Please keep their coats with you.

Where does my child need to go when they get to the church?
There will be signs directing you to your child’s classroom.
Below are the room assignments by grade:

  • K – Family Life Center
  • 1st – 100 Wing
  • 2nd – 400 Middle
  • 3rd – 100 Wing
  • 4th – 400 Middle
  • 5th – Family Life Center

How long will the program be?  Each group will perform for about 30 minutes. There will be 45 minutes between the two programs for K-2nd grade students to leave and upper elementary students to arrive for the next program.

What order are the grades singing? The grades are singing in order of age: Kindergarten perform first, then 1st/2nd grade, then 3rd grade and finally 4th/5th grade.

Can we save seats earlier in the day? No. The only reserved seats will be marked off and are for the directors, students and teachers.
Seating is first come first serve when the doors open.

PLEASE be respectful and courteous to other families. Everyone wants a good seat and we will do our best to fit everyone into the auditorium.  Please try to keep young children on your laps and not to take up unnecessary seats in order to leave more space for others.

Is food or drink allowed in the church? Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in the church. This is strictly enforced.

Do the students need to wear anything special? No. Most students love to dress up and will wear special holiday dresses or outfits, but there is no requirement. The exception to this is if your child has a special part. Some parts require special costumes. Many costumes are provided, but some may have to be brought from home. If your child has a special part, they should have brought home a “congratulations” letter that would say if they need to wear or bring anything special. Please note that if your child has a special part that requires a costume, they will NOT have time to change in between songs and will need to wear their costume for the entire performance.

How do students get special parts? For most parts, students audition during the school day. Sometimes simple parts are randomly chosen by pulling a class number from a jar or assigning my ipad to randomly pick a name. I also keep track of every student who has ever had a Christmas program part from Kindergarten through 5th grade. Whenever possible, I try to give parts to students who have not ever had parts or who have not had parts in the past couple years. Typically, I will have about 50-100 students audition for one part! I narrow the students down to about 20 and put those names in a bowl and draw a lucky winner. Although I would love everyone to have a part, having almost 600 students and only a handful of parts each year is very difficult. I discuss this with the students and they realize everyone cannot have a solo part, but that EVERY single person is important to the success of the program. Most songs have special props or motions that involve everyone as well.

How do we order a DVD of the performance? WCET TV records the performance each year.  They sell DVD’s for $15.

Please fill this form out and return to office.  GEORGETOWN HOLIDAY PROGRAM DVD

Who do I contact if I have questions? Please email Mrs. Bretz at  This is usually the fastest way to communicate with me- especially the day or two before the program.   I am often out of my classroom during dress rehearsals so phone messages are not always able to be checked.