January 8

Updates from Room 201

Happy New Year!!!  I hope all of you have had a great start to 2021!  For me personally it has been a rough go, but I am happy to be back in the classroom and with these students every day.  They are a great distraction and bring a happy smile to my face.  They may have come home and shared with you some of my “updates” as they call them, from the week.  The last week of my break was very eventful.  I took a spill skiing and hurt my knee.  I think it’s just a sprain but I will find out for sure next week Friday at my orthopedic appointment.  After that I rode, because I couldn’t drive, with my daughter as she moved to Florida (OUCH!).  It was fresh after my fall and my knee was feeling quite painful but as a mom, that’s what I needed to do.  We finally found her and her friend an apartment.  Then as her friend’s parents drove down two days behind us in a moving van, it was stolen from the hotel parking lot.  I found out it was stolen as I was boarding the plane to come home.  Talk about feeling helpless.  So they have spent the week with the police trying to find the truck.  It was found, but many of their belongings were gone or damaged.  So it just has just been a rollercoaster week.

However, in school, we have been rock steady.  The students have transitioned very well back into our routine and learning.  I am so proud of their attitudes and effort.


We are finishing up our informational writing books.  I can’t wait to read about something they are passionate and know a lot about.


Our reading unit ties in with our writing in that we are reading informational texts.  Currently we are studying the main idea and supporting details.  The students are also learning that you must read informational writing a lot slower than fiction.  After each section they are doing a quick stop and asking themselves who are we talking about and what is the topic.


This week we have focused on adding three digit numbers.  Students have done this with equations, word problems, and from charts.  The wording on the charts can be tricky so we are working slowly through these talking about math action words.

Their math tests went home this week.  Overall, they did very well.  This wasn’t an easy test and it was disrupted with virtual learning so I am very proud of how they did.

Keep practicing math facts.  We have students all over the place on the fact family they are learning.  Once they pass 1-10, they can practice 11s and 12s for extra learning.  Only 1-10 needs to be mastered for 3rd grade.  After everyone has passed we will take tests on mixed facts to keep their fluency high.


A homework packet was sent home on Monday and a new January reading log went home on Wednesday.

Early Release

Next week Friday is an early release day for teachers to have building meetings and work on report cards.

Snacks and Lysol Wipes

If you happen to find a good deal on some snacks or Lysol wipes, we could use some in the classroom.  We have sanitizer in the room that we use, but the Lysol wipes work for a quick cleaning and pick up.  Some good snack ideas are goldfish crackers, graham crackers, cheese-its, and other crackers like that.

That’s about it.  If I forgot anything, send me an email and ask away.  🙂 Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine!


December 22

Last Week of 2020

2020 was a year to remember that is for sure.  I am thankful that as a class, we ended 2020 on a high note.  The kids enjoyed making their Christmas gifts for you.  I know some of them couldn’t wait to have you open the presents and some of the kids were going to wait until Christmas. Either way I hope you enjoy their creativity.

Also, they were so excited about the card games!  This is one of my favorite gifts to give them.  My family has always played cards and board games when we get together.  It’s a great bonding time and creates so many memories. It also teaches something new that’s not an electronic.  I hope they came home and showed the family how to play and that you will continue to do these games together.

I want to thank you for the overwhelming generosity of your gifts and kind words.  They all have meant so much to me.  I am so thankful that I have your child in my class.  Our class has overcome many obstacles this year and they continue to impress me how they handle these varying situations.  They are resilient and strong already as 3rd graders.

If you are looking for a craft to do over the break, this is a loom video on how to make a glitter jar.

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Enjoy this time together!

Here are a few pictures from our week:

December 13

The last school week of 2020

Georgetown has HOLIDAY SPIRIT! 

Monday, December 14:  Cozy Holiday Socks and/or slippers

Tuesday, December 15:  Holiday Headgear: Holiday hats, headbands, hair and/or scarves

Wednesday, December 16:  Holiday Sweater Day -Ugly or Cute

Thursday, December 17: Polar Express Party – Pajama Day- Holiday themed if you have them!  (Just for our class)

Friday, December 18: Holiday Spirit Day- wear your red and green and white!

The school themed PJ Day is Friday but since we are having our party on Thursday, we flip-flopped.  We have to wear our pajama’s for the Polar Express! 🙂

Reading Logs

November reading logs are due no later than Monday, December 14 to get a free reading ticket. A January reading log will be sent home on January 4.

Polar Express Party

Thank you to all of the parents who volunteered to send in treats for our party.  Please send them to school by Wednesday, even though our party is on Thursday.  Also, we are doing a gift exchange this year so that each child can give 19 gifts to their classmates.  These gifts can be candy, a card they made at home, stickers, erasers, anything you’d like big or small. Please send a gift bag for them to be collected in anytime before December 18.

Scholastic News

This week I sent home a Scholastic News and another one will be coming home next week.  Unfortunately we will not have time to read these in class right now.  I encourage the students to read these and then they can go to Scholastic News through clever.com to watch videos and learn more about this information.  Right now in both reading and writing we are learning about informational texts.  Scholastic News provides great, true information that is relatable and relevant to 3rd grade learning.

Math Test

We’ve done some reviewing this week from Unit 2 that we had to stop just before Thanksgiving break.  Today we started the review sheet and we will finish it on Monday.  Tuesday will be the math test.  Please set some time aside during this busy time of year to look over the math review with your child.

This is all I can think of for now.  I’m sure I forgot something and will need to update you again.


December 9

Modified Polar Express Party

It feels so good to be back in school!  There were many happy children in the room today.  I wanted to resend a post that I posted just before we were shut down.  I still would really like to hold a party with small gifts for the kids since so much has been taken away from them already this year.  This is what I’d like to do for our modified Polar Express Christmas Party.

The party will be held in our classroom on Thursday, December 17. We will play games, decorate a sugar cookie, and of course, drink hot chocolate.  We haven’t done a gift exchange in years, but thought this year would be fun to add this to our party.  I would like each student to bring in 19 small items to give to their friends.  These can be Dollar Store finds like pencils, stickers, play dough, candy, etc.  To hold these gifts, each child needs to bring in one bag.  This can be like a gift bag that you would use for a gift and put tissue paper in.  These are a little more sturdy than a brown paper bag.  I have extras at home if you don’t have one.

We are in need of just four items for the party.  Click on the link to Sign Up

Please have all party items sent to school by Wednesday, December 16.

Thank you so much for your help and participation in this.  I think it will be fun for the students!

December 8


We did it! We made it through remote online learning! I am so thankful for all of you parents, grandparents, babysitters, and students who worked together to make online learning happen.  We had great participation and I am so proud of each of the students for showing grit and working so hard through their work.

I am very excited to see students back in class tomorrow.  Here is a reminder of what was sent home and what needs to come back to school tomorrow:

  • math book
  • writing notebook
  • grammar notebook
  • bag of markers and supplies
  • log in badge for Clever
  • art folder
  • recorder (if you brought one home)
  • lightbulb
  • mask (or two in backpacks)

I hope everyone gets a good night’s rest tonight and I will see everyone when the doors open at 8:35 tomorrow.

November 20

How Do We Get Into Google Classroom?

This Loom video link will help you get your child on to Google Classroom.  We have our first Zoom meeting at 8:45 on Monday, November 30.  The links for both the morning and afternoon meetings are in Google Classroom.  Beginning on Tuesday, December 1 we will start our daily schedule.  This of course, is just a template.  I will have more information included in the boxes for each day.

The only thing your child needs to do before November 30 is do the paper and pencil worksheets that were sent home in their blue folder.  I have this information listed in Google Classroom.  I also provided a fun Flipgrid activity that they could do today.

November 20

Virtual Learning

Hi Parents,

It was so wonderful seeing all of your faces for conferences this week.  I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying your child and this class.  I know it feels like we have gone backwards with taking this time off, but know that we are doing all we can to continue learning and making it as user friendly as possible.  Many of you asked for fiction book series suggestions, click here for that information.

Virtual Learning Schedule

November 23 – paper and pencil work.  There is a brief explanation in google classroom.

November 24 – paper and pencil work.  There is a brief explanation in google classroom.

November 25-29 Enjoy Thanksgiving break.

November 30 – 8:45 Zoom meeting.  You can find the link in google classroom.  We will touch base and I will let the kids know what to expect for the next few days.

December 1 – online learning. Click on this link for a sample schedule

December 2 – reserved for small group instruction

December 3 – online learning

December 4 – online learning

December 7 – online learning

December 8 – online learning

December 9 – Back to School 🙂

Here is a video to explain how to get into google classroom.  This is where all of the work will be assigned and the Zoom links are also listed here.

We are required to take AM and PM attendance during our online learning.  If your child will be doing their schooling in the evening, will you please let me know.

I hope this is helpful.  Please email me any questions you may have.

November 15

Updates from Room 201

We sure are living in some interesting times.  I am doing my best to keep our classroom environment a place where students feel safe, want to learn, and like to have fun.  I am impressed with how resilient these students are with all of the changes that have taken place and all of the events they’ve had taken from them this school year.  Overall, I feel like students are still excited to be at school.

This week students were given an opportunity to read their persuasive essays to the class.  I was impressed at the writing and their creativity to convince their audience to make a change.  I will send these essays home soon for your child to read aloud to you!  In the meantime, here are pictures of the students reading.  Students were given the option to read and some of them did not feel comfortable.  If you do not see your child, they chose not to read in front of the class.


I am looking forward to talking to you and actually meeting many of you for the first time on our Zoom conference call this week.  I have 13 conferences on Monday night and only one break so if I am running a couple of minutes behind, don’t panic.  I will be there soon.  If there is something we need to talk about further, we can schedule another time.

Book Fair

We will go look at books on Monday for the book fair.  Your child will come home with their wish list and prices of books they are interested in buying.  If you would like to purchase books, please send the money by Wednesday.


Math:  With having Nov. 23-24 off, we need to get our math test in by Friday, which means we will be doubling up on some math lessons this week.  We will move very quickly through these lessons so the homework packet will be a little thicker this week.  I will be including work that will help review for the test.  Normally I like to send the review sheet home two days before the test but I will not be able to for this one.  So please set aside some time on Thursday evening to go over the review sheet.

Reading: We are continuing to read mysteries with partners.  Students have learned that there is always a crime solver and a partner crime solver.  They work together as crime solvers themselves to look for suspects and clues given in the book.

Writing:  We will work on grammar, spelling, and extra math during our writing block this week.

Polar Express Party

It has become a 3rd grade tradition to hold a Polar Express party for our Christmas party each year.  We will still have a Polar Express Party but it will look a little different this year.  We will hold it in our classrooms and play games, make crafts, and of course, drink hot chocolate.  We haven’t done a gift exchange in years, but thought this year would be fun to add this to our party.  We would like each student to bring in 19 small items to give to their friends.  These can be Dollar Store finds like pencils, stickers, play dough, candy, etc.  More information will be coming home in December, but I wanted to make you aware in case you were one that liked to watch for sales and plan ahead.

Stay warm today!

November 4

PE Cares

The annual P.E. C.A.R.E.S food drive will be starting on November 4. We are asking for your help by bringing in non-perishable food items for Love Inc. in Hudsonville.

Food items to consider are canned vegetables and fruits, pasta, rice, baked beans, black beans, kidney beans, peanut butter, tuna fish, etc. (please no ramen noodles, and please do not break apart packaged food)

The food drive will continue until Nov. 18.  We will be keeping track of how many items each class brings in.  The class with the most items brought in by NOON on Nov. 18 will win a P.E. C.A.R.E.S t-shirt and a bowling trip to Hudsonville Lane. (If allowed this year)

This is a great opportunity for our students to care for their community, to teach our kids compassion and love for others.  Thanks for sharing in this service project with us at Georgetown.

November 1

Updates from Room 201

Wow, November sure has started out interesting with snow falling!  I am one that loves winter and winter activities so I say bring on the snow!  If it’s going to be cold, we may as well have things that we can enjoy doing like skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and ice skating!

We are back to a normal schedule this week.

  • Library tomorrow!
  • Reading: We will continue our unit centered around mysteries this week.  The kids are enjoying reading with a buddy and trying to solve their mystery before the end of the book!
  • Writing: This week we will continue Unit 2 of our Writer’s Workshop, “Changing the World: Persuasive Speeches”.
  • Word Work: Students will be working on spelling patterns based on individual needs indicated by a spelling inventory we took in September. This will be done through both small group and individual practice.
  • Math: We will continue Unit 2, learning our remaining multiplication families and introduction to multi-step story problems. This is HARD for kids — we will really need to draw on our grit and growth mindset throughout this unit! Thank you for your reinforcement of this at home 🙂

Remember to send back the math homework packet and reading logs.  A new homework packet will come home on Monday.

I sent an email for a link to sign up for parent teacher conferences.  You can also get to the link from here too.