Book Club – Room One, A Mystery or Two

Last night nine students and their parents came to discuss Room One, A Mystery or Two by Andrew Clements.  We discussed how Ted Hammond worked to solve a small town mystery and the conflict he had of trying to help a family without getting them into trouble.  The students were willing to share their thoughts and I am so proud of their maturity and insight.

After the discussion, they quickly moved around the school using QR Code for clues.  Each one solved the clues and ended up back in the classroom to enjoy some sweet treats!


Kids Heart Challenge!

Remember, more than 50% of kids are not getting the physical activity they need to be healthy. You’re helping to change that. We have a special incentive at our school.  If we can get 50% of our students registered and taking the healthy challenges, we will receive an additional $500 to purchase new PE equipment.  Help us reach our goal!  Get your student registered for Kids Heart Challenge today!

Updates & Party Pictures

I hope you all are staying warm and toasty this weekend!  Surprisingly it’s going to warm back up by the end of next week!  This Michigan weather sure is unpredictable.

We had a GREAT Valentine’s Day party playing games and eating candy.  I apologize for the sugar high at the end of the day.  Thank you for all of your donations and volunteering to help at the party.  By these smiling faces, you can surely tell they were loving each station.

Social Studies

The social studies test went home on Friday.  The test was challenging because of the application questions being asked and the vocabulary was difficult.  Written on the test is their original grade.  Many students got 1s and 2s.  I let the students see the test and try one more time to get answers correct.  For many, it improved their grade!


Thank you for reminding your child to do the Study Island homework.  Each week there is one 10 problem assignment located under HOMEWORK.  All of the other folders that say Class Assignments or Class Quizzes will be done in class.

Also, continuing to read 100 minutes per week is part of the homework as well.  Many students are showing their love for reading in their reading logs!!

We have an Early Release this Friday.  Students will be dismissed at 12:15.

Parent Teacher Conferences are on Monday, March 9 and Wednesday, March 11.

  • Check the schedule at this Google Doc, and confirm here.

Kids Heart Challenge

Information about Kids Heart Challenge came home with students yesterday.  Please note that this fundraiser is for the American Heart Association, it does also helps us get P.E. Equipment for GT.  The Kids Heart Challenge Fundraiser registration is here:  February 6 until February 28.

When your child joins Kids Heart Challenge (formerly Jump Rope for Heart) they will hear from kids with special hearts and raise funds to help those born with heart defects.  Students learn about taking care of their own heart through fun challenges and activities for physical, social and emotional health.

Get online and register your child today here.

Please note that thank-you prizes earned by students will be handed out when they come to P.E. class.  Some prizes need to be ordered when the fundraiser is over and will be delivered sometime in March.  Any money donated after Feb. 28 will not earn prizes.

Thanks for your help!  Mrs. Nienhuis & Mrs. VanKoevering

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Hip hip hurray for 4 1/2 days off from school.  I’ve been told that many of you I’ve heard are going away, and many of you have plans in the area.  Either way, my wish for you is that you enjoy your time together.  These years go by way too fast.  Soak up every moment….the good AND the bad! I hope to do a lot of R&R.  I like to write in my spare time and I really would like to spend a good chunk of time doing just that!!

Valentine’s Day

Our Valentine’s Party is next Friday, February 14 from 2:20-3:30.  I’m still looking for a few more volunteers.  You can go to this site to sign up.

Please work on the Valentine’s over the weekend.  I sent the class list in an email earlier this week.  On Wednesday we will make a bag in class to hold all of them.  We will also start the process of passing them out.


I forgot to send home the yearbooks today.  I am sure the students are so upset with me. 🙁  Please tell them I will do it on Wednesday when we come back.


Please have your child get on Study Island and complete the 10 problems.  It should be easy.  The students who have finished already scored between 90-100%.  Also remember that our reading goal is 100 minutes per week.  Reading logs are due on Wednesday, February 4.  A new one came home today.

Have a super weekend!

Updates from Room 201 – Including Valentine’s Information

I hope this finds all of you well.  There have been a few students absent due to illness, but luckily nothing major has been running through the classroom.  We keep wiping down tables and washing our hands to keep those germs away!

Below are a few reminders of upcoming activities:

P.E. Apparel Sale!

If you are interested in purchasing P.E. Apparel please check out the information on the P.E. blog at  The sale will be ending on January 29.

Valentine’s Party

We will be having a Minute-To-Win-It Valentine’s Day party this year on Friday, February 14 from 2:40-3:30.  You can sign up here.  We will make Valentine’s bags in class to put class Valentine’s in.  Over the winter break would be a great time to have your child fill out Valentine’s for their classmates.  I will send a class list in an email.  They can start coming in as early as next week!

Study Island Homework

    • This is replacing mandatory flash cards and Moby Max practice at home.
    • As we are reviewing data from our monthly standardized tests in reading and math, we have decided as a grade level to create weekly homework assignments to be completed on Study Island.
        • Each week there will be 10 homework questions assigned on Tuesdays and due the following Monday.
        • On Tuesday during our computer time, kids will take a 10 question quiz on the concepts assigned in their weekly homework.
        • Concepts and assignments created by the third grade team are specifically aligned with problem areas we have identified from our data.
    • These assignment begins at the end of the day tomorrow.  I want to walk through the steps one more time with students, so they feel confident at home.
    • If you do not have access to a tablet or computer for your child to complete this homework, I can print a worksheet for students to complete and turn in by the Monday it is due.
    • Kids do not need to have a QR code to log onto Clever – they all have their login information memorized by this point.  I’m not exactly sure what it will look like on your home computers.  Here are some troubleshooting ideas:
      • Go to
      • They may need their gmail account.  It will be  They need to write their student id before the @.
      • If it asks what school, you can find it by typing in Georgetown Elementary.  There are other Georgetown Elementary’s in this world, believe it or not, so make sure you click on the one in Hudsonville.
      • Once into Clever, they can go to Study Island and find their homework.
      • If you are still having problems, email me! 🙂
    • Thanks so much for helping your child with their studies!
  • Upcoming Dates:

    Reading Log due – Wednesday, February 5th

    • The Reading Log is due Wednesday, February 5th (when we come back from Midwinter Break).
  • Early Release – Friday, January 31st

    • Enjoy the long break! 🙂
  • Midwinter Break – Saturday, February 1st – Tuesday, February 4th

    • Class resumes Wednesday, February 5th

    Valentine’s Day – Friday, February 14th

    Early Release – Friday, February 21st

P.E. Apparel Sale

The annual P.E Apparel sale is officially open and will be open until January 29, 2020.   If you are interested in buying any apparel, you must order online.  

The link is:

Here is the design and colors available:

2020 PE APPAREL LINK-01.jpg

Please contact Mrs.  Nienhuis or Mrs. VanKoevering if you have any questions.

616-797-9797 ext. 7460 or

Thanks so much for your help!

Updates from Room 201, Jan. 13

We had a great first week back, but I think all of us were very tired by the end of the week.  We took Friday afternoon a little easier and made a craft, which we don’t often get to do in 3rd grade.  Students made a snowman body by ripping the paper.  This was no easy task and some of them grumbled but in the end, they all had a great looking finished product.  With the project they finished the statement, Snow is falling, This book is calling: _______________.


Last week a reading log was sent home for January.  Please continue to fill it out each night that your child reads.  Remember our goal is to read 100 minutes total per week.

Our new book club book was announced in class today and information is coming home about it tonight.  We will be reading Room One, a Mystery or Two by Andrew Clements.  This book is a higher level so it will be very beneficial for you to read it with your child.  If you would like to participate, please send back the paper at the bottom of the page so I know to plan on you.  Our book club night will be on Wednesday, February 19 from 7:00-8:00.


Continue practicing those math facts.  The scores have been going down and students have not been passing the tests each week like they used to.  I know it gets mundane after a while, but many of them are so close to being done.  We can’t give up now!!

We are also finishing our unit on measurement.  Telling time on an analog clock and elapsed time are very difficult.  I will be sending home a few homework papers this week for extra help.  I am planning on the test being on Friday, but we may have to move it to Monday for more review time.

Valentine’s Day Party

We are having our last holiday party of the year on Friday, February 14.  I will make a google doc of the volunteers and supplies needed by next week.

As always thank you for your support to our classroom.

Have a wonderful week.

Blanket Donations

We delivered the blankets to the DeVos Children’s Hospital this week.  Ann, a member of the Hospital Foundation was thrilled and amazed at what are students completed.  She loved the personal cards that students made and the TWELVE blankets that were donated.

Thank you so much, Parents for all you did to make this happen.  It was truly special for us do make these.

Macy and Evie were able to join me down at the hospital to make the delivery.