September 13

Updates from Room 201

We are off to a great year!  It has been a joy getting to know your child.  I love that the class is familiar with each other.  I already see encouraging words and bonds that usually takes a month or two to develop at the start of the year.

I will send updates a couple of times a month.  If something else needs to be communicated, I will also share it in a separate post.  As always, if you have any questions or need clarification on anything please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email.


We will continue to share true stories about our lives.  Students will learn the difference between a summary and a story, set writing goals, and edit as they work.  Editing is a very hard process for 3rd graders.  I am going to teach them how they can edit as they go so editing doesn’t become so overwhelming when their story is “finished.”


I am continuing to read with students and get an idea of where they are as a reader.  I look at three things as they read to me:  accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.  Accuracy tells me how they decode and understand words, fluency tells how smooth/fluent they are as a reader, and comprehension tells how well they understand what they read.


We will continue learning multiplication facts.  Last week we learned 5s and 2s.  This week we will learn 10s, 9s, 0s, 1s.  We will also learn the connection of multiplication and division.

Growth Mindset

Learning how to cope when things get tough is a skill that needs to be taught and learned.  We all get down on ourselves.  We get frustrated when things don’t go our way.  We get anxious when we don’t understand.  Through the growth mindset curriculum, students learn how to cope and not get “fixed” and stuck in a negative mindset.  They learn words and phrases and other skills to push through when things get tough.


The Georgetown Parent Club will be holding our annual Walkathon Thursday, September 24. Unfortunately we cannot have parent volunteers this year. 

This year’s theme is Spirit Week. Our school goal is to raise $25,000.

Theme days will be:

Monday (21st)-PJ Day

Tuesday (22nd) -Silly Socks

Wednesday(23rd) -Crazy Hair

Thursday(24th) -Hat Day

Friday(25th) -Maize & Blue

We are using a new company to collect funds, Get Movin’ Fund Hub.  You will be able to sign your child up online and collect donations through that website.  More information to come.  All of the money raised helps to buy books and supplies for teachers’ classrooms, new technology and technology updates, and other requested needs.

New prizes this year:

Class with the Highest Donations receives a Pizza & Ice cream Party

Top 2 Earners of each grade get a Pizza Party with Mr. Waldie

Grade with the Highest Donation receives Popsicle Recess

Class with the Highest % Participation receives Donuts and a $50 gift card for the teacher

Prize winners will be announced in mid-late October. Everyone who donates $30 will receive an eagle t-shirt in late October. Anyone who donates will be put in a raffle drawing for prices, such as electric scooter, Target gift cards, Barnes and Noble, etc……..

We are looking forward to a successful walk-a-thon this year.


This Friday is an early release day.  Students will be dismissed at noon.  Teachers will work their teams to plan and share.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🙂

September 25

Updates from Room 201

Below are some upcoming events and information!  Be sure to mark your calendars!!

September 27- Walk-A-Thon: Change in time for third grade we will be walking from 9:45-10:30.  Click HERE for more details.

October 7- Culver’s night beginning at 5:00 pm

October 10- Jet’s Pizza Night

October 18- Early Release Friday, dismissal @ 12:15

October 29- Turkey Trot. Please read this post for registration and details concerning this year’s Turkey Trot. Deadline to Register is October 9, 2019.


    • 5 minutes of MobyMax-Monday through Thursday, & 5 minutes practicing fact cards (in your child’s take-home folder)
    • The first reading log is due next week! Each week 3rd graders are expected to read 100 minutes. Expect a new reading log each month for students to keep track of their minutes read at home. They have the option of reading 20 for five days or reading for longer for fewer days. READING MORE is always encouraged, but not required. 🙂
September 26

Updates in Room 201

SS Quiz

As a class we decided we needed one more day of learning the landforms and bodies of water.  So the quiz has been moved to FRIDAY!  Please remind your child to study 5-10 minutes tonight and tomorrow night.  (Some of them told me they were too busy and couldn’t study!)  A review paper came home last night.  Students will need to name landforms and bodies of water in Michigan.  They will also need to give an example.

Sand dunes are a landform – Sleeping Bear Dunes is an example.

A river is a body of water – The Grand River is an example.

Picture Day

Tomorrow is picture day!  Our pictures are right after lunch.

80s Walk-a-thon

The school walk-a-thon is on October 5.  Our class is walking from 9:45 – 10:15.  Please come join us in your best 80s attire.  This is our one school fund raiser for the year.  The money goes towards technology, teacher supplies, and special events in the school.  Please visit our Georgetown blog and see how the Walk-a-thon benefits us!

20 Liters

A 20 Liters Walk for Water event is being held on Sunday, October 7.  If you would like to experience as a family what it’s like for children in Africa to get drinking water, unclean drinking water, bring your family to Gemmen’s Hardware parking lot at 3:00pm.  You will be able to do a simulated activity and then pour your water into the filters that 20 Liters supplies.  We will count our money tomorrow and give you a grand total collected so far!  I applaud the students for the extra effort they have given to raise money.